Emergency Program Committees

Purpose of the Committees

The purpose of the Emergency Program Executive Committee (EPEC) is to provide oversight for and strategic direction to the Emergency Program. This committee is accountable to the municipal council, and makes recommendations with respect to preparation for, response to, and recovery from emergencies and disasters.

The Emergency Program Management Committee (EPMC) is accountable to the Emergency Program Executive Committee, and provides a comprehensive management for the emergency program. Specifically, the EPMC is responsible for: 

  1. Developing and implementing the emergency program and plans as directed by the Executive Committee
  2. On-going assessment of hazards, risks and vulnerability, c) Evaluating progress of the emergency program annually
  3. Developing the annual strategic plan including recommending emergency program priorities, specifying procedures for implementation, budget and resource requirements
  4. Maintaining a staffing and support plan for the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)
  5. Maintaining a training and exercise program

Emergency Program Executive Committee Members

Councillor Sue Ellen Fast, Chair
Bill Hayes, Vice Chair
Brian Biddlecombe
Reidun van Kervel
Councillor Gary Ander
Councillor Maureen Nicholson
Kathy Lalonde, Chief Administrative Officer
Ian Thompson, Fire Chief
Jennifer McGowan, Emergency Program Coordinator

To contact all members of the Emergency Program Executive Committee, please email: epec@bimbc.ca.

To contact the Emergency Program Coordinator, please email: jmcgowan@bimbc.ca.

To contact the Emergency Social Services Director, please email: boweness@bimbc.ca.

Emergency Program Management Committee Members

Bowen Island Municipal Staff

Jennifer McGowan, Emergency Program Coordinator, Chair
Sophie Idsinga, Communications Coordinator, Vice Chair
Kathy Lalonde, Chief Administrative Officer
Bonny Brokenshire, Manager of Parks and Environment, Senior Bylaw Officer
Hope Dallas, Deputy Corporate Officer
Bob Robinson, Superintendent of Public Works
Tess Taylor, Bylaw Services Officer
Ian Thompson, Fire Chief
Kristen Watson, Manager of Finance

Bowen Island Municipal Partners

Carolyn McDonald, Director, Emergency Social Services
Bruce Steele, Emergency Communications
Robyn Fenton, Neighbourhood Emergency Response Persons
Denise Richard, Neighbourhood Emergency Response Persons

Outside Organizations

Paulo Arreaga, Corporal, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Brian Koster, Regional Manager, Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC)
Sheree Haydu, Manager, Metro Coast, British Columbia Ambulance Service
Scott Slater, Principal, Bowen Island Community School
Rod Tulett, Emergency Coordinator, Local Assistant Fire Commissioner, Metro Vancouver
Scott Kesteloot, Horseshoe Bay Terminal Manager, BC Ferries
Conn Breaky, Unit Chief, Coastal District, British Columbia Ambulance Service

Reference Documents

Video Recordings


EPMC - June 7, 2017 Minutes



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